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Grendolyn enjoys writing cross genre. Her favorite elements are:

~ Visionary Fiction

~ Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Mythology

~ Magical Realism

~ Romance

~ Paranormal and Supernatural

~ Historical Fantasy


Grendolyn is the author of Limbo Jubilee, The Mermaids Melt at Dawn, and Snow Dust and Boneshine: The Chronicles of Granny Witch (Book 1).

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Snow Dust and Boneshine:

The Chronicles of Granny Witch (Book 1) Synopsis

Once upon a winter’s night, a lost cowboy finds himself in Purgatory Bend. Patrick Doolin is plagued by a wound that won’t heal, but winter is the season of miracles. As Patrick wanders through Wyoming, he meets Fawna Darling, the mysterious granny witch, who channels the folk magic of her ancestors.

With nowhere to go and a secret Patrick doesn’t yet understand, he seeks shelter with Fawna in the snowswept prairie. Forbidden to fall in love, they form an eternal bond in the dreamscape, but when the bluebirds sing of summer and threaten their empire of dreams, they are faced with an impossible decision. Will Patrick stay in the land of the living, or will he cross over the prairie?

Summer is the season of surprises, and Fawna’s childhood sweetheart, Dezi Ketchum, longs to win her heart too. When winter melts across the gold-slick prairie, Fawna searches for answers under the rose moon. Caught between fire and water and flesh and fantasy, she follows her heart and ventures into uncharted territory.  

Reviews for Snow Dust and Boneshine

  • “Soleil’s writing is riveting and the entire storyline surrounding the two main characters is gripping. Soleil’s writing is much more than a fantasy – it’s a story of love and faith. Snowdust and Boneshine: The Chronicles of Granny Witch is a short read, but it is packed cover to cover with an engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and touching events steeped in fantasy with a bit of romance. I look forward to many more installments and new adventures involving the granny witch and those in her small, tucked away Wyoming town. Fawna Belle Darling is a unique character and one to follow.” ~ Literary Titan 

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The Mermaids Melt at Dawn Synopsis

The Mermaids Melt at Dawn is a dark, whimsical collection of kindred yarns. Steeped in Cajun folklore and Greek mythology, Rok Lejeune tells the legend of Barbiche Island. On the surface, the yarns have the appearance of innocent childhood dreams, but the swamp hags and sea witches of old remind us that appearances can be deceiving. As Rok sails closer to Barbiche Island, the yarns dive deeper into the supernatural where mysteries abound and strange things happen. Rok's obsession with Barbiche Island steers him on a nautical adventure where he battles the most powerful mermaid, but Rok is not the only creature with a story to tell. Barbiche Island is home to a pair of warring mermaid sisters, power-hungry Poseidon, petulant gods, and other mysterious monsters. The mermaids of Barbiche Island sing of love, survival, and betrayal, but will they answer the burning question? Why do the mermaids melt at dawn? 

Reviews for

The Mermaids Melt at Dawn

  • "My goodness, the writing! Soleil managed to perfectly capture the beauty, the nature, the words of spun silver that epitomize fairy tales. The Mermaids Melt at Dawn is an astounding story, brilliantly conceptualized, carefully crafted, and masterfully spun to walk the line of truth and fairytale. I adored every yarn, every word. I loved the feeling of coming out of it and thinking I'd like to go to Barbiche Island just to see if it might be true. It's gorgeously written and has such a dreamy quality that I couldn't stop reading. The Mermaids Melt at Dawn is a series of individual stories that create a whole in an incredibly brilliant way that echoes mythology and folklore. While it borrows and twists fairy tales, Greek mythology, and the folklore of the bayou, it manages to create its own dark story that is at once beautifully haunting and detached in the same way the stories of old feel. It brought to life its own folklore that could rightly have its own place in the halls of time." ~ The Lily Cafe                     


  • “Soleil writes a breathtaking story with a dark mythology that captures the imagination. Each chapter is broken up into its own ‘yarn’ that provides its own mythical backstory to a fantastical creature or fanciful events. They seemed like old stories passed down for generations. The emotions jump right off the page. In Yarn 8, there is a love story where you can feel the truth and depth of the love. This part of the book is my favorite; it left me breathless because it was told so beautifully. While consisting of beasts, mermaids, gods, and magic, this story gave me the same feeling I had watching Disney’s Pinocchio as a child. All folklore has some myth behind it, add a dash of horror, and you have some of the best fables we all cherish. Grendolyn Peach Soleil channels this same folkloric energy into her book. As the reader travels closer to Barbiche, the spun tale gets darker and darker still. The Mermaids Melt at Dawn is an imaginative adventure over the sea, filled with fantastic creatures, and guided by childlike wonder.” ~ Literary Titan  (Gold Award)       

  • "A young Cajun boy, deprived in almost every way except in his mysterious heritage, follows the tales told by his grandfather to find the marvelous island of mermaids in this richly woven fable by Grendolyn Peach Soleil. She has mined similar rich veins of fantasy, mythology and the merest touch of realism in her previous work, Limbo Jubilee. And in The Mermaids Melt at Dawn, she has fashioned the story as a series of “yarns” purportedly arising out of Arcadian culture. Soleil has a way with both French and American folk argot. The intermingling of Greek myth, European history and scenes from the Louisiana swamps is captivating, especially when combined with Soleil’s vibrant imagery of the loves and lusts of mermaids and the men they enchant. Her adult fairy tale borders on poetry and will attract readers with imaginations as unfettered as her own. Quill says: Read The Mermaids Melt at Dawn for fact, fiction, and fascinating fable that almost requires a genre of its own. Once you pick it up, you will want to hang on to the stories until all the threads are connected." ~ Feathered Quill   

  • "Beautiful. One of my top books I've read this year." ~ Goodreads Reader

  • "A captivating fairy tale for adults. A breath of fresh air when it comes to mermaid tales." ~ Amazon Reader

  • “How to describe a book so rich in imagery? The Mermaids Melt at Dawn weaves soft and beautiful French undertones with bold and brash bayou flavor. On top of that, a strong mythical and Cretan story comes to life and grabs the reader, pulling them down into the deep, dark, fantastically terrifying ocean from which the mermaids swim.” ~ Amazon Reader

  • "The world building was so intricate that I actually stopped reading a few pages into it to see if I’d accidentally stumbled into the middle of a series. Learning that it was, indeed, a standalone work only endeared me to it more. I already knew I loved Soleil’s writing style from my previous experience with it. Seeing how skilled she is at creating worlds every bit as believable and complex as our only makes me more eager to see what she comes up with next. The Mermaids Melt at Dawn was an engrossing read that I highly recommend.” ~ Long and Short Reviews

  • "Almost dreamlike in its presentation, The Mermaids Melt at Dawn is a dark fairy tale that has all the atmosphere of the supernatural mysteries of the swamplands as legends of merfolk come to life. From warring mermaid sisters to the determination of a young Cajun man and his fascination with a mystical island, Barbiche, where it was said the mermaids sang their victims into their clutches. Heavily peppered with the dialogue of the region, I found myself pulled out of the story to understand what was said, but Grendolyn Peach Soleil has still done a remarkable job of transporting readers into a world where magic and myth meet. A wonderful way to be transported into another place, another realm of possibilities and imagination until what is real and what is imagined become blurred as one young man ferrets out the truth behind the monsters that haunt his family! A relaxing way to leave the world behind for a time!”  ~ Tome Tender Book Blog   

Limbo Jubilee Synopsis

 Neala's surreal story begins in the backwoods of St. Roscoe, West Virginia. Neala's hero is her Aunt Betsy, who saves the day in a pair of red cowgirl boots. Neala's life is forever changed as she witnesses the death of her Aunt Betsy. Neala longs for a love that will heal her wounds, so when she meets Brick, she is tempted to cross the imaginary line, but she finds herself in a dangerous limbo. Neala's spooky voyage transports her to the fringes of reality where she flirts with some creepy-crawly surprises. While a macabre sickness hunts Neala down, she experiments with what it means to be human. Neala's panic escalates with every page, but could her paranoia be grounded in wisdom?

Reviews for Limbo Jubilee

  • “Limbo Jubilee by Grendolyn Peach Soleil is a perfect blend of magical realism, humanity, and a raw, intimate look at life, loss, love, and mental illness. To try to sum up Limbo Jubilee would be impossible. And, that’s not a bad thing at all. Soleil has a way with words that makes you sit back and think, Damn, I wish I could write like this. This novella is not only beautifully written, but it’s incredibly unique. Written as a fictional memoir based on Neala’s life, loss, love, mental illness, attachment, abandonment, and more. The characters in this story are raw, intimate, vulnerable, and…human. And this is before you even add in the magical realism and fantasy elements which only makes it that much more magical and mysterious.” ~ Ashley Hubbard at Books, Beans, & Botany 

  • "Soleil’s novel Limbo Jubilee is a psychological drama written from the perspective of the West Virginian born Neala. I was quickly taken in by Neala’s story, even as it is interwoven with her growing madness as her psyche breaks down. Neala means champion—the heroine should be a champion—but midway, as she begins to unravel, you know it’s going to end in tears as she loses herself bit by bit until there is nothing left except something she has called the “Choisi.” This is wistful and somewhat somber but utterly compelling. The book and narrative reminds me a lot of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam because I felt like it carried much the same tone. Fans of Atwood’s work in that series will enjoy Limbo Jubilee as I did. While it isn’t a book for the faint of heart, it is definitely one with plenty of potential that needs to be on the bookshelf of anyone that appreciates a complex and thought-provoking read. Limbo Jubilee has been masterfully written."  ~ Literary Titan (Gold Award)

  • “This novella was beautifully written. Soleil had a marvelous way with words. Based on my first impression of her writing style, I’m going to be keeping an eye out for anything she writes in the future. One thing I did need to adjust to when I first began reading this tale was how much it jumped around from past to present and from one topic to the next. While it did require a little bit of patience in the beginning as I grew used to it, there were excellent reasons why it was written that way. I’m glad I relaxed into the flow of the scenes and allowed them to take me where they wanted to go. Limbo Jubilee was truly delightful. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” ~ Long and Short Reviews

  • "An incredibly raw and beautiful read, absolutely mesmerizing from start to finish.” ~ Amazon Reader

  • "Thoroughly enjoyed this no holds barred fictional memoir." ~ Amazon Reader

  • “An intriguing peek into the human psyche. This writer has a keen imagination and very deft way with words. I truly enjoyed the whole thing and gobbled it up in one sitting. It fired my mind and amused me and made me speculate all at the same time. It is a total page turner! Can't wait for more books from this budding author.” ~ Amazon Reader

  • "The beginning seems innocuous enough, but as we move further into the book we realize that perhaps Neala isn't totally grounded in reality.  Or perhaps there is more to the story than even she knows. I am still not really sure if Neala is delusional or if she truly is of another world and a being called a spryling. This book is a nice combination of fantasy and reality and just enough to leave you wondering how her life might turn out." ~ StoreyBook Reviews


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